Anti – Fatalism

Angelic in you grace,

The wings take flight;

Blackened by the dirt,

That soils your life;

Shed the darkness and reclaim your crown,

You’ll never be the same with the shadows that you’ve sown;

They’ll make you feel like you’re always alone,

But even you know that nothing is set in stone;

Your search for providence will end

Only when you look ahead and make amend;

All those little things that stain your wings,

Shall form knots in your fate’s strings;

Purify yourself and awaken your desire,

Let everything else fade into the atmosphere;

Escape the fate now…

                                                     ~Vaishnavi Rao

                                                                                                                  Bengaluru, Karnataka


  1. Very nice

  2. The belief that everything is predetermined, and hence their course cannot be altered, will ruin our life beyond redemption!
    It’s capable of turning our life standstill, and prevent us from making further moves in achieving the goals planned!
    Correct strategies adopted in times right cannot but escape our reaching the target without fail!
    Anti-fatalism thus will only favor us, and not be fatal, in any way!