What they will do with the Proof?

By the Editor: Siddharth Sehgal

The proverbial daydreamers which we find in fairy tales are found were probably based on some politically challenged politicians from Congress and AAP. There are mistakes and there are stupidities but what these politicians who claim to speak and work for people have said in past days is utterly contemptuous of sacrifices of our valiant soldiers.

 I ask what they will do with the proof or if they couldn’t live without it? What do they expect the people would believe, the person who is standing on border guarding the sovereignty of the country or the one who appears on news channels with daily load of wishful imagination. The strike against terrorist camps in POK was a military operation, these sort undertakings are planned well in advance to the last detail but they are and always have been secretive. It’s not just the case about India but armies all over the world conduct such operations and nowhere the functioning details are disclosed to public. This is a standard military procedure and giving out such information might weaken the strategic advantage of our army and can also jeopardize the security of personnel involved by disclosing their identities.

 Secondly, it’s a matter of trust, who do we stand with in this struggle. It’s a remarkable departure of the government from the policy of mute and silence of past to active measures in countering extremism. No administration of the past had guts to come out with claims of liquidating terror camps operating under the hospice of Pakistan and ISI. This should be a time of standing together shoulder to shoulder with our fellow countrymen, not trying to juice out political mileage. What Arvind Kejriwal or Rahul Gandhi will do with the proof? Frame it on the wall. These politicians want to hold public office, represent India and Indians. Few days ago they were praising army on its bravery and courage and now they want proof of that valor. I haven’t seen such an about turn in recent political history, no wonder these guys are popular in Pakistan. They might have a political or even personal vendetta against PM or BJP but such level of political profiteering attitude is shameful. In events like this political differences should be cast aside but unity, solidarity and compassion is not what these people understand.

I’d appeal our politicians to understand the fact that country and its people are above petty politics. This fight is not only of army but of every Indian.


  1. political vendetta that’s what it is; instead of endorsing and upholding the country’s ideals and solidarity puny politicians who wish to remain in the news and paper headlines demand justification for personal ‘vaulting’ ambition to win elections
    i wish they would read Macbeth, Henry the fifth, Hamlet, Richard the second, Julius Caesar, ……and above all the Tempest for reconciliation, rather than being parrots of one another s egoistic ambitions to subjugate and rule for personal glorification
    Its a shame that instead of saluting the leadership and encouraging our soldiers these petty politicians are demanding the PM to reveal military secrets, i don’t think such arrogance persists in other countries
    all these years silence was golden because all lips were sealed because no one dared to question the authority of some but now all have become uncontrollable magpies

  2. Soldiers on the borders are on guard of our territorial integrity and safety of our Motherland.
    Sacrifices they make are innumerable.
    Strategies planned much beforehand must be strictly according to military norms in force that are not unknown to our shrewd politicians.

    Is the present instance of insistence from political masters of the Opposition Camp, for the so-called proof on measures carried out against terrorism on the foreign soil, born out of ignorance or just a war of words targeted against the ruling dispensation for the sake of opposition?
    Whatever be the imagined rationale, it’s a very bad precedent in the making!