War! War! War!

Contempt and resentment in mirth do swing

When over Man they rule

They are the master minds of war

Like famished vultures, for victims they hunt!

The fiend in Man then awakens-

On a rampage it sets out-

Causing desolation all around

Brutally massacring the innocent populace!

Ruthlessly the babes are wrenched off their cradle/ arms

Terrorized hapless children scream out-

To their long lost mutilated parents-

Resting soaked in pools of blood-

Oblivious of the happenings!

None have the time to hang on and scrutinize-

Their very own great work of red art!

A gruesome sight it is-

But who cares!

The frightened birds and animals aren’t spared either

The wrath of malicious abhorrence ambushes them too

No one is a good match for modern lethal weapons

Humanism is currently eclipsed

Punching a deep dark humane void in our life

On trivial matters we therefore combat

Spreading thick red carpets on Mother Earth

With a pledge to annihilate the enemy

We chivalrously march forward with Death held high

But great losses on both sides are incurred

Then, who is the winner?

No one, my dear friends, no one!

Bloody wars bring not happiness but-

Untold unfathomable wretchedness in its trail!

A very significant matter it is to ponder on-

Is this the trophy we contended for?

Won’t our gruesome deeds ever hound and haunt us-

Torture the rest of our life denying ‘rest’ to us?

     Will our blood stained victory and conscience-

     Ever allow us any peace?

                                                              ~Anuradha S Bannore

                                                                Vadodara, India


  1. well written ms bannore
    war never did anyone, any country, any people any good; fiends spill blood and kill innocent people
    how can such maniacs ever sleep peacefully?

  2. No one is unaware of the resultant devastation at the culmination of a deadly war!
    Not a happy ending at any rate!
    The country that embraces success may at best pretend to enjoy the win from the psychological point of view!
    Considering the loss of lives on both sides and the money involved in the defence upkeep, will it be a happy occasion to remember and feel proud of?

    No war, no war, and no war must be our loud and emphatic voice to reach the ears of the