This Diwali

This Diwali let us bow down our heads

To the memory of those who have sacrificed their lives

For the Nation

This diwali let us pledge allegiance to the nation


We, as citizens of this land

Shall not stand divided on petty issues

On petty controversy,


Doubt our intentions to stay united

In this hour of need

When our blessed country is threatened

On all fronts from external and internal unrest

On petty issues… like sharing the vital water of life

Let us not deny privileges to the down trodden

Like shunning them off our boundaries

Let us pray to Brahma, the supreme

Shiva, Shankar to the Goddess Durga

To bless our country

To bless our soldiers

 And their families

To all those sentinels who keep watch over our borders

To derail infiltration and terrorism

To bless this country


Once again, bless it

To lead the world towards peace and harmony

 To spread the virtues of ahimsa

To inhale the spirit of humbleness

To respect and adore all living beings

To cultivate morals and virtues

To make this world a ‘fairyland of yore’

To make our country

The golden bird as before

The land flowing with milk and honey

Without bars of discrimination

To demolish state borders

Where there is no animosity

No wild cries

No gender differences

No bride burning for dowry

No clamor for food and shelter

Let the people of this Nation rise


Pray to the Almighty

For abundance, peace and prosperity

Let us together light and illuminate

The lamp of righteousness

                                                                          ~Shobha Diwakar

                                                                          Jabalpur, India


  1. Let us hope and pray that we stay united and serve our dear motherland by respecting and accepting each other. Hope your poem inspires people to traverse on the path of love & peace.

  2. thank you Ms. Anu; hope our prayers will be answered

  3. A nice prescription on the eve of Diwali from Ms.Shobha Diwakar!

    Discard the trivial
    Only to act on the serious!
    Soldiers in charge of security
    A real gift we enjoy-
    May we not forget
    To pay them our respects!
    Are we not blessed
    To live with peace and harmony?
    May equality be the mantra
    And discrimination a thing of the past!
    May we traverse the path right
    Every moment of life
    And morality be our binding -force!
    Together we are, stronger we become
    Divided,we fall and render ourselves weaker!