Saturday Night Fever

It is a week- day.

It is fun to be out,

Till the wee hours of the morn

Stolen from the night before,

Scantily clad and alluring

You dance on your toes

Vulgarly moving your hips

To the slow raging pop music

That swings you around

On your partner’s waist and shoulders;

Bodies colliding behind

 To the deafening music;

As waves of rapturous thrill

Douse your innocent spirit.

Igniting you irresistibly

To the churning beats

Pulsating beneath the flimsy curtain:

Drinks trigger the show

Laced with peppy, puppy love,

Now you belong exclusively

To your ravished partner

Vows and breath contaminated, sealed.

The hungry heat throbbing within

Chokes your sensations

Consumes you over and over again,

The rapture inflamed…

Until a whiff of the breeze

Stirs your whim to reality

By then… it is all over.

The Saturday night fever persists…

For some,

For others … done forever

                                                          ~Shobha Diwakar

                                                            Jabalpur, India


  1. It’s a very good poem on how unknowingly quite a few young people get themselves into trouble without realizing what they are landing themselves in. This is very often because of peer group effect and wanting to appear to be modern. To be modern is good but not being vulgar. Unfortunately nowadays what youngsters do isn’t considered as vulgar by them. In fact they consider others to be old fashioned.

  2. agreed
    being modern and social is OK but going beyond limits and shunning aside modesty and self respect are two different aspects of modern understanding
    being old fashioned is better than ruining your modesty and respect
    one has to prove the old saying ‘women thy name is frailty’ wrong

  3. O K R Sivagnanam

    Come Saturday night
    Partying boozing and dancing cometh
    Marked by feverish excitement and mirth
    Extending well past midnight
    Fondly remembering
    Next day being Sunday
    At disposal for exclusive relaxation and rest
    Only to go ahead in earnest
    Starting from day next
    Through Friday night
    With meticulousness we exhibit
    To match religious sentiment!

    Too much extravagant indulgence
    Makes perils we stare health-wise
    Betraying morality altogether
    Keeps us wondering
    Where at all it leads to!

    But……Realization dawned
    Tumbled down
    Come Saturday night again!!!!