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October, 3rd, 2016

The debut opening of SAC in Cleveland received the pledges for support for 62 orphan kids in Bharat (India)
Cleveland community is known for its great philanthropic activities and love for art and culture. This dual combination came to a reality on Saturday, 1st October at the Beachwood Community Center when a musical dance drama depicting story of divine love of Krishna, Radha, and Meera, was performed to generate awareness and raising funds raise funds for supporting underprivileged and orphan kids in Bharat (India). The musical dance drama was performed by famous Kathak artists came from Mumbai, Ms. Aditi Bhagwat, Mr. Sushant Jadhav, and Ms. Harshada Jambekar.

 This was also the first launch of Support-A-Child (SAC) movement in Cleveland. The mission of SAC is to provide education (up to high school), boarding, lodging, medical care and Samskara (values) to the children of under-privileged background from different parts of Bharat, said Mrs. Renu Rajvanshi Gupta, the national coordinator of SAC and the chief guest of the program. She further elaborated that SAC program was started by World Hindu Council of America (VHPA) in year 1985. Under this program the organization have been supporting more than 1000+ boys and girls all over Bharat. These children are selected from remote areas of Bharat, many are orphans; others are children of sex-worker and many come from the below the poverty line under-privileged back ground. Through SAC these children have received the quality education they deserve and have subsequently attended college education, technical education and even advanced degrees like Ph. D. and Doctor of Medicine. Today, many of these children are working as teachers, engineers, doctors and other professionals.

 The SAC program provides a way to all of us to connect with our roots in Bharat said the event organizer Dr. Adityanjee. He emphasized that we can’t fail our future generations just because the lack of resources and education. Dr. Adityanjee, a Cleveland-based psychiatrist and geo-political strategic expert is also known for his social and philanthropic activities in Cleveland. While talking to the hall filled with Cleveland community members who gathered to support the cause, Dr. Adityanjee said that if we want to see a peaceful world without conflicts, the change needs to start from us and we can achieve this goal successfully by ensuring that no child is left behind due to lack of resources. SAC is a great way to put your hard earned money to effective work. The cost of supporting a child, who has lost his or her parents due to terrorism, woman trafficking, poverty or any other ailments, is less than a dollar a day. There is a triangular relationship in between poverty, education and crime. We can reduce the chances of violence by supporting the education, food and shelter of underprivileged kids, who are most vulnerable to be trapped in such unsocial activities, said Dr. Adityanjee.

 There can’t be a better gift than giving a child the gift of education especially when many children in Bharat are waiting for our support, said Prof. Rama Jayanti, a renowned marketing Professor at CSU, who also extended her hands of support the cause. For $250 a year one can make a difference in the life of an underprivileged child, this speaks a lot about the effective organization management. There are several organizations working for similar cause but SAC is special because they have minimal operating cost and put more than 90% of money goes to support the actual cause. This gift of less than dollar a day will provide a child with Boarding, Lodging, Education and Samskara (values). Majority of the victims of social ill are from lower income group families and are girls. We can empower the girls through the Support a Child (daughter) option.

 Since it was the auspicious day of Navratra Sthapna, several families decided to adopt a girl child. Several local dance school gurus also participated in the program and showcased their student’s talent during the event. Families are free to choose the child of their choice from their specific region of interest in Bharat. The pledges, donations and support were still pouring in during and after the event day, but so far sponsorship for 62 children was pledged during the Cleveland fund-raiser. With the help of reputed service organizations like Sewa Bharati, Sewa Dham, Ramakrishna Mission and Bharat Kalyan Prathishthan and many more, the SAC team has selected more than 28+ hostels/schools and institutions from 18+ different states. These children will stay in the hostels and will get education at accreditated schools. Along with the quality education, children will receive medical aid, healthy/nutritious food, school supplies, clothing and housing. These children will also get opportunities to learn, music, art, sports and Samsakara (values).

Under this program the donors will be connected directly to their supported child and every year, a progress report of the child with the child’s photograph, details of parents, class, name, percentage of marks secured, performance etc. will be delivered to the donors address in the US. Moreover, donors will be able to meet and write to the child through SAC. Several families have chosen this option to provide best gift to their son or daughter. Internship programs are also available in SAC projects in Bharat and we encourage sponsoring families to visit the supported child during Bharat visit, said Dr. Sudesh Agarwal.

If you are still interested in supporting the cause you can directly contact Dr. Adityanjee at (440) 503-6692. All donations are tax-exempt under 501(C) rules of the IRS.

Dr. Aadityanjee,
Cleveland, SAC coordinator


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