Requiem for The Bully

By Mark Antony Rossi

The bully has been an ominous presence in society since time immemorial. Many believe this behavior is an aberrant evolutionary off-shoot of “only the strong survive” concept Others contend this is actually family bred bratty attitude now turned physical. The origins are unclear and entirely irrelevant. Our children are being harmed by mini-monsters running unchecked and out of control.

Their bullied victims are often academically compromised and at worse highly susceptible to bouts of depression and suicide. The bully when left unchallenged is a shark thrown in a tropical fish tank destroying everything in the environment. School officials preach a zero tolerance towards this frequent outrage but rarely take real action to stop it before tragedy becomes another nightly news story,

Political correctness has grown so insidious the local school board is usually more concerned about the feelings of the bully versus the visible emotional and physical damage of the victim. This reality becomes a second wave of persecution and often pushes victims to take their own lives believing adults are powerless to halt the daily abuse.

Imagine sending your child to school in the morning and discovering he or she is dead by the afternoon.  By the end of the week all you have is a funeral and a litany of excuses. No child to love and share your values. No possibility of justice. Just a parade of Ph.D.’s marching to the beat of soulless bureaucracy.

Sadly, we live in a day where people cry about rights and seldom practice the responsibilities incumbent upon functioning members of a free society. The plain truth is your child’s safety is a parental charge and should not be left to the school system. It worries about budgets and politics. You must worry about the lives you have brought into this world.

The old adage ” punch a bully once, stop him forever” is absolutely true. I practiced this as a child and it worked. I teach this as a parent and it has worked. One punch stopped a lifetime of misery and ironically strengthens the self-esteem of the potential victim. I strongly recommend you ignore the misguided peaceniks who somehow misconstrue self-defense with violence. You teach them to defend themselves and your children will be home for dinner. Self-defense is natural and needed in a world where dignity is regularly reviewed by a committee who makes up its mind ten minutes after the child is killed.

About the Author: Mark Antony Rossi is a poet, playwright and author of the bioethics volume “Dark Tech” now available from Amazon. His most recent plays have been produced in Liverpool and New York. 


  1. yes, this menace about bullying exists in every school and college
    in India we call it ragging, which has taken numerous lives all over
    the problem is, traditional families do not teach children to learn to defend themselves authoritatively because they are bound by morals and values and justice taking its own turn
    i agree it is time children were taught self defense and were protected by law if anything adverse happened, which is also rare because the bullies are well connected and protected
    early free lessons in the school and college campus about judo karate and moral lessons about conduct besides the home atmosphere may solve this problem

  2. Thanks for your support. Parents should be bound by one moral: protect your children.

  3. It’s an excellent article and an eye opener for the parents who are ever ready to blame the school/college authorities for everything little realizing that it’s their responsibility to teach their children the lessons of self defence. Parents shouldn’t feel that once their child starts going to school/college their duty towards them is over.

  4. You are correct Anu. Appreciate your support.

  5. Bullying has come to stay in our homes, work stations, and public places,using force,both muscle and word from mouth, to threaten the weak and the meek with dire consequences for non-performance of tasks to the satisfaction of the imagined strong!
    The fear psychosis created drives the targeted to choose methods unconventional even to end their lives!
    Self-defense no doubt comes in handy during such unfortunate situations.
    But the powerless finds it impossible to resort to, making it more convenient for the other to execute what he/she proposes!
    Everyone wishes for that special day when a death-knell is finally dealt to terminate bullying from practice once and for all!!!