India’s Brave Jawans

They leave behind a picture

The family adores

Expecting them to return

Smiling and jubilant

Just as they left their homes

Loving, caring … missing

The young and the old

What does fate have in store for them?

No one knows

Yet gallantly they trudge along the path

They have chosen

On their back are trussed

Their humble belongings

Which is all that they can carry?

 Apart from the guns and rifles

 Day and night, they keep vigil


We might live in peace

They lay their life in the battle

To be wrapped and returned to their loved ones

                                   The tears flow endlessly

The breadwinner has gone

Leaving behind a little babe in arms

Stands a widow now forlorn

Medals crown his glory

A husband, a father, a son, a brother

Has bravely gone, gone, for ever

The news is relayed

 Some tears are drawn

Some weird comments

Surround… ‘the yarn’

These national heroes

Die for the nation

They have no time to say goodbye

To their loved ones

Whom they leave to cry


Strong as they are tough and proud

They roll back their tears


Pledge another child

To follow their father’s footsteps



                                                                    ~Shobha Diwakar

                                                                 Jabalpur, India

* ‘Jawans’…. soldiers


  1. It’s a very beautiful poem clearly depicting the life of Jawans and their family. It’s really an extremely sad thing that they who lay down their life for our safety and comfort are soon forgotten and so is their family.

  2. thank you ms.anu for your comments and unconditional support for the brave jawans of our country who truly deserve to be saluted along with their families
    India salutes their sacrifices

  3. A nice poem dedicated to our Jawans-from Shobha Diwakar!

    Contrary to expectations,
    Wrapped up dead bodies of Jawans
    Content with laying their lives on the battlefield
    Sacrificing all along their sleepless nights
    For the sole purpose of PEACE
    For the sake of the MOTHERLAND
    Come back to their homes
    Only with medals and tears
    Reserved for the families
    Not only to cherish the valiant deeds
    But to gracefully send
    To the borders
    Their other children
    Keeping the emotional state aside!