They sat huddled

On an idle bench

In the park

That gazed at them invitingly

Hands clasped, held together

They looked forlorn

Were they a lonely pair of love- birds?

 A closer look betrayed

The pain in their eyes

A far- away look

Peering into a world

Lost, long, long ago

I wondered

What they were thinking

What were their thoughts?

 As they sat


In a world of their own fantasy

Frail and outworn

Trailing on life’s empty path

Rugged and bare


Yet alone

Not a smile crossed their face

As they blankly stared

Into the void

I wondered

What they were dreaming

With eyes wide open but blank


Were they relating to some past?


They shared no conversation

They sat mute

Did they whisper?

No, they did not


Each understood the other

If tide snatched one

What would the other do?

Perhaps… perhaps

This pain was writ large

Upon their faces

Hands clasped together

They sat there long…

After I returned to my perch


Their dreary thoughts

In my balmy heart

                                                   ~Shobha Diwakar

                                                  Jabalpur, India


  1. Despite being depressed, dull,exhausted, feeble, grim, weak, and what not, all but signifying without reservation a total VOID, there emerges a convincing REASSURANCE in their otherwise suffocating minds, as a sreak of SILVER LINING across the blue sky, totally enveloped by a deep and dark mass of CLOUDS!

  2. It is streak of silver lining.

  3. thanks OKRSji
    the lines are very very simple but hold a great philosophical truth
    You have captured the essence