On the gritty path

between nowhere and somewhere

and back again to nowhere

Buddha stood one-legged

Pinpricks and shingle

On the oblique crossroads

Where visible and invisible roads


Helmets and boots

Hands in white gloves, Buddha

Know-all of paths and tracks

Bequeaths no directions

The un-performing traffic cop

No colours to put on the palette

No notes to strike on the accordion;


Stretched between

logic and madness

When the mind is made up

Begins yet another journey

of torment

Gut wrenching pains in labour

Before the musical notes trigger

from the free metal reeds

folding bellows into silence

woolly cotton balls in thin air

Strokes of brush

On the blank canvas

Fill the void

With a rainbow that speaks

Of rain and sunshine

hand in hand

                                          ~ Sukrita Paul Kumar 

                                             New Delhi, India



  1. Both poems have your inimitable signature Sukrita. Hearty congratulations!

  2. very impressive.. rain and sunshine hand in hand.. will stay with me. Happy divali to Ma and you, the poetess of our time. zahir

  3. Thank you Indu, thank you Zahir sab. It’s really nice to get some response to one’s writing. As you know, writing poetry is a lonely venture and any response is heart warming!