Average People Can Change the World

By Mark Antony Rossi

 I’m seriously annoyed by complainers who shout the world is heading for hell in a hand basket. Partly because in a day where children are armed with suicide vests I’m surprised anyone still believes in the concept of hell. And partly because I question the wide spread usage of hand baskets. I really do.

But honestly I mock complainers mainly because I sense the laziness of their commentary. The ending of the world has been proclaimed every year for the past one thousand years. And still we leap, sometimes lurch, forward with a new sense of hope. However; we continue to survive despite false complaints or impractical dreams. We live for another day due to the average person lifting themselves up by their bootstraps.

It doesn’t take a superhero to change the world. Which is a big problem for Hollywood since it continues to pump out action hero movies as if humanity’s issues are so immense they can only be solved by space aliens and fools in flying metal suits. Yet even a cursory examination of the past 100 years of history you will stumble over regular people changing the world for the good (Gandhi — a lawyer, Mandela — a lawyer) and for the bad. (Hitler — failed artist, Stalin –community activist)

It takes little effort and money to make positive changes in your community. You could spend the afternoon painting the local animal shelter or senior citizen center. Two hours a month and two trash bags is all that is needed to pick up garbage on the sides of highways and keep your city clean. Believe it or not, the simple acts of peaceful protests, letter writing and public speeches have stopped wars from starting.

The average person is effected by disease, needed for military adventure, and displaced by disastrous weather events. Average people propelled Gandhi’s movement to ultimately win independence for India and unfortunately average people chose to ignore Hitler’s rhetoric until it was too late for Germany. Average people in a general population have the power to alter the landscape of Earth.

You do not need riches, magic powers, or mechanical attachments to render assistance to a world spinning on an axis of apathy. Most people don’t get involved to improve things because they are convinced they have nothing to offer society. This disturbing lack of faith is an open door to dark forces rightfully thinking their presence will be unopposed. A better world only requires people standing up and speaking out against the negative night lovers whom disappear quickly with flicker of faith and a flash of light.


  1. The world moves further and farther in its evolutionary journey and it’s never going to witness what may be called its ending!
    Nor it’s going to meet with any disaster to worry with!
    People have the power to avoid such a predicament and sail smooth against possible change of wind!

    One with passion for a common cause must be ready to sacrifice his/her personal interests and lead the followers.
    And the average individuals making for strict followers should come forward and meticulously carry out the instructions emanating from the leadership.
    This will ultimately bring in the change for the better, whatever be the field !
    Determination and willpower will do the wonders, driving away indifference, if any, on the part of individuals!

  2. Thanks so much for wise words.