The  leaves  have  turned

Golden  brown

Like  the  twilight  sun

A   little  drop  of  sadness  inked-

All  the  day’s  fun

Although  it  heralds  the  Winter

Autumn  has  some  beauty

In   grimness

The  riot  of  colours  ephemeral, is  bright

In it’s  dimness

 Chill, inching  closer   indicates

That  Summer  is   on  the  run

The  soft  and  verdant  leaves

Now  falling  crisp  and  fragile

The  withering  flowers  sagging

Do  not  anymore  smile

The  orange  hued  atmosphere

Looks  like  it’s  about  to  burn

It’s  paradox  of  Nature

It’s  melody  and  resonance

Is  often  marred  by

Jarring  unsavoury  dissonance

A  beauty  with  a  difference

With  mood  swings  mercurial

Nature  has  many  shades

Scanty  rain  brings  rainbows

When  sunrays  permeate

It  seems  a  pot  of  gold

Has  suddenly  overturned

The  heat  of  sweltering  Summer

Moves  towards  the  cold

Autumnal  warm  zephyr

Whispers  many  tales  untold

Where  midsummer  nights’ romances

Are  woven  and  spun

Love  is  in  the  air

Despite  fading  vibrance

Discordant  melody, broken  rhythm

The  season  shows  it’s  imbalance

Apprehension  spoils  the  joy

Lest  icy  days  return

                                                                   ~Sudha  Dixit

                                                                   Bangalore, India

One Comment

  1. A nice poem on ‘Autumn’, the season representing the transition from Summer to Winter!
    One cannot really afford to remain indoors without enthusiastically enjoying the graceful beauty of Autumn, with yellow, orange, and red colored leaves spreading like a carpet of flowers on the ground below the trees!
    Can’t we say the season represents the ripe age of mankind?
    If Summer can be better, Autumn we surely can consider the best!
    Talking of Autumn, it’s worth hearing what George Eliot had to say:
    “If I were a bird,I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns”.