The Reverberations of Uri

By The Editor: Siddharth Sehgal

The terrorist attack on the army base in Uri, Kashmir was a reminder that no matter what policy of dialogue or peace we may undertake. Pakistan has no intention of peace in the valley. But more importantly it’s our response or to be specific our government’s response is what matters most to our people.

 First, we have to understand that these provocations are never going to stop until we take a firm stand. Response on condemnation in Twitter is not going to change anything on ground.  People don’t need tweets, they need tit for tat. I understand that we can’t act rashly in this situation but it had become a sort of pattern. Previous administration kept mum on suck attacks which turned out to be a political suicide because people essentially saw them as weak, unable to protect it’s own citizens. It should be a word of caution for current administration. It’s fine to isolate Pakistan diplomatically but it’s unlikely to make much impact on them as China is there to veto every resolution against Pakistan. Some sort of military option has to be considered or at least planned for any future aggravations. Sartaz Aziz may choose to use nuclear option in case of war but I am sure he wouldn’t have the liberty to use that option again.

  Now considering our options on table for now given Indian government has not chosen to go guns blazing on its neighbor. First and foremost would be suspension of diplomatic ties, recalling our ambassador to Pakistan and send theirs home. Second explicitly propose economic sanctions both at UN and regional level. Boycott SAARC summit in Islamabad and ask other SAARC members to do so. And not to forget that water sharing treaty Islamabad is mewling about should no longer be worth the paper it’s written on. Goodwill has to be shown from the other side too.   No goodwill, no water.

 Standing up for our people and protecting them is not warmongering, this is what governments do, this is what countries do. We are well within our rights to defend our sovereignty and borders, even if that means surgically targeting training camps in Pakistan. Indian citizens are waiting to see that kind of resolve from their leadership. There has to be a tipping point or a line in sand or there will be another and several Pathankot’s and Uri’s in coming.


  1. terrorist attacks anywhere in the world and killing of innocent people should be condemned by every country in the world and they must join hands with INDIA and extend their entire support to help establish peace in the continent China should be no exception because if China is attacked and faces similar situation which country will come forward to help fight terrorism against it ?
    if only people were more concerned about humanity and human values such incidents would never happen

  2. Why terrorism is on the increase?
    Is it to show one’s superiority over others?
    Is peace -loving people on the decline?
    Why countries bent on terrorism fail to realize the futility of this despicable act?
    Right from individuals to nations across the globe, all want to be in the midst of peaceful atmosphere!
    Thirst for peace is to be quenched.
    May wisdom prevail on the terrorist-minded people and desist from it for the sake of humanity as a whole!