The titillating music

Flowed melodiously

From somewhere far away

It reached my ears

That longed to hear

Some beautiful melody

It swung me from my reverie

Into which I had trailed

Unknowingly into lands unknown

There I grazed with my eyes

The receding, fading beauty of nature

That once bloomed

The little swallows

Snugly settled in their nests

Did not chirp

The warm wind blowing

Shook them off their sleep

Their tired wings flapped


They did not spring up and fly

The melodious music

No longer sounded so

The doleful murmur

Doused my sleeping spirit


Flurried my steps

There reposed on a slender branch

Sat a sprightly woodpecker

Drilling holes into the bark

To build a home

Its colorful plumes

Attracted my sight

As I drew towards this

Mesmerizing signal

Beckoning me to follow

The solitary silence of the night

Swerving exotically into yet another world

Of tranquil hope and benediction

                                                                                 ~ Shobha Diwakar 

                                                                                 Jabalpur, India



  1. Scintillating music
    Coming as from nowhere
    Wake me up
    Otherwise plunged deeply
    Into the now- changed
    Barren nature
    Bereft of usual beauty
    Not liked by the bird
    Sorrowful and gloomy
    Entering its nest to rest
    With no strength to fly further!

    Power of silence
    Packed with hope and blessing
    Compares equally
    With power of music in
    Favorably impacting moods!

  2. your poetic comments, in fact a poem is simply beautiful
    thanks for your wonderful way of expressing your appreciation M.r OKRSji

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  4. Music is the love of life for many of us. Your poem though simple is a beautiful one with soothing music running through out it with beautiful imagery.