Vermin Drabbles of Disquiet

Like a monsoon

Drifting on the Aegean sea

You made promises of love

A winter rainy

Spellbound in life’s Sahara

You made promises of love

My Banjara evenings

Drowned in tea cups

Made no noise

Vermin drabbles of disquiet

Had no poise

Getting dry in spells of rain

Is your old habit

I know

Measures of your laughter


Never mine you know?

There are times when you love to love the times

A cliche

Tired of times

I wonder

If time had two dimensions

Could have drawn a perfect circle

On a perfect plane

With two centers

(A realist you know !)

But dimensions are three

And you!

These wasted hours

Could have fetched the best prices

If traded like commodities

In Futures market

I wish !

But I can’t

Dear love…

Like a monsoon drowned in The Aegean sea

You made promises of love

Of love,monsoons and recollections.

                                             ~Debasish Parashar

                                                New Delhi, India

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