The Foolishness of Forever

By Mark Antony Rossi

Despite age-old arguments Science and Religion are not incompatible but incredibly out of synchronicity in the expansive realm and reality of human existence. Each historical force pushes and pulls people to be more than flesh and bone without ever intelligently explaining the vast ramifications of being superhuman or supernatural.

 If we accept the ghastly bargain of science and religion then we must roundly reject, with eyes wide open, any semblance of real equality. What is superhuman and supernatural is beyond the average norms of civil conduct and individual expectation. Thus its sudden arrival is a threat to fair play and the start of a biological and spiritual arms race pitting nations against nations while preparing a cadre of enhanced citizens.

 Why are super humans with abnormally long life spans so attractive to the scientific intellectual? Surely they have predicted their societal presence and its potentially perverse effects on humanity, equality and the temptation of totalitarianism. Downloading one’s knowledge and experiences into another body for centuries is efficiency in the extreme and another example of modern digital amorality. In such transfers the flesh is not held in consideration but rather in contempt and permits Circuit to supersede Common Sense.

 Why is the supernatural so alluring when its powerful transformation only occurs in another world while you are dead to this one? Again the flesh is made abandoned for an unknown journey in an unknown state of unliving. The physical world is deemed diabolical and only the maintenance of spiritual endeavors can assure a higher value in the universe. However; for Love to exist it requires sacrifice and interaction and often operates in an atmosphere of imperfection. No such characteristics exist in a machine-driven or dogma-based environment that outlaws anything less than perfect.

 The glory of infinity is the senseless dream of salesmen whom gain control when you deny flesh its rightful place in this world. What’s the point of forever if we trade feeling for inflexibility? What’s the cost of forever if we outlive family, friends and lovers? And what’s the lesson of forever if you learn the price of everything and the value of nothing. The foolishness of forever is distilled in this central theorem: if humanity fails to live its fullest each day the wait for a better tomorrow will forfeit autonomy and hand dictatorship its swiftest victory.

Mark Antony Rossi is a poet, playwright and author of the bioethics volume “Dark Tech” now available from Amazon. His most recent plays have been produced in Liverpool and New York.


  1. the greed for material wealth, lack of refined approach to religion and more and more bend towards scientific truths has clashed religious beliefs to such an extent that there is no fear of any kind anywhere; the big bang theory and the sound of OM captured by NASA states that there is some unseen being. Relationships are based on truth and support if there is no such thing existing, a good life is a mere shallow dream. Unfortunately it is some misinterpretations of religious texts that has created fanatics to massacre human relationships. If such fiends cannot live in peace on earth what and how do you expect them to do so above?

  2. Or in outer space or other planets. It’s a good point. Thanks for stopping by.