Biologically Speaking


    You… he,

That is the biological difference

Between You and Me

Created by cells

Chromosomes Y and XY

Grown in the womb… of fertility

Over the years science progressed

Ultra sound raped the womb

Gently echoing the heartbeats

A boy… or… a girl

A boy to survive

A girl for feticide

Chucked away crudely to die

Ask those childless couples

Why they opt for test tube babies

Or surrogate mothers… for comfort?

To cherish and adore

Or to be kicked aside in old age

When the legacy is passed on

Girls will cherish and adore

With no regrets

Why hanker after boys

Who becoming men

Spurn and mock your old age?

Reflect …

Who will give birth to men?

When there are no women

Eco- unbalanced.

                                          ~Shobha Diwakar

                                             Jabalpur, India


  1. A fact very well presented. Hope such people who favour having sons realise the great blunder they commit in thinking of girls as insignificant beings–a terrible burden on their parents. They’d rather be kicked by their sons than accept how loving and caring girls are! Weird thinking in an equally weird world of well educated, cultured and advanced society.

  2. the ratio between boys and girls is fast decreasing
    there is yet time to do away with this belief that boys are better than girls