A Mirage

 Life is full of ensnaring mirages-

 Transporting us into a visionary unrealistic world

 So onward we set off –

 Clueless of where the road will lead us to!

 Confronting all ups and downs,

 Going through all disappointments and frustrations

  Our mind though clouded with unending ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’—

  Yet very audaciously steadfastly we go on-

  The imaginative goal stamped in our heart and mind

 Enchanted beyond our power this mirage,

 Blinds us to reality-

 A futile journey we undertake!

 Before our very eyes dances the goal

  But alas, on reaching it—

 Into thin air it dwindles away!

 Then dawns realization on us-

 Mirages entice us—

  And chasing them gets us nowhere!

 Fixed goals with genuine objectives—

  And earnest desire of achievement,

 Coated thickly with honest sincere perseverance—

Will Alone will drive away—

  The play of the eyes and the mind,

  And then a mirage will no longer be a mirage—

  But a well deserved achievement!

                                                                             ~By Anuradha.Bannore.

                                                                                Vadodara, India

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