Your Birthday is Precious Dear Brother

4th May

We miss your sweet smile

You so freely transmitted

The years roll by each day passes

We wish you were near

And not gone so far

We look at the heaves and search for a star

The special one God created for you

For he took you away for no reason we find

 Except that, he needed someone divine

Not in the sense that gods are divine

But for the family you will always shine divine

As the most loved star up high… so high

 No one can see or steal your smile

Today it is your birthday,

We miss you dear ‘bhai’*

Your smile hides our tears

 For you are now ‘divine’

                                                                ~Shobha Diwakar

                                                                   Jabalpur, India

*bhai means brother


  1. It’s a very touching poem showing the great love for a dear one plucked away from life suddenly leaving everyone shocked to death. Even today after 2 years it’s difficult to get over the greatest loss of our life. May dearest Bhai live in peace in the new world that he has gone to while we live with his beautiful sweet memories.

  2. Your poem touched my heart! Whoever will read it, will feel your loss. Everybody says that time heals but I wonder whether it really does….Your Bhai will live in your heart forever. May he rest in peace!