Month: May 2016


That Afternoon

A Short Story By Shobha Diwakar   The day was nice and bright. No peeping toms appeared in the vicinity. Since all men folks were on duty and dear women at home tending to their chores, some luckier ones gossiping and basking in the sun, no one was aware that a […]


Reining The Monsters Within

By Mark Antony Rossi The act of killing is not a random event. It is an instinctual response programmed in the human species.  I realize that doesn’t sound as noble as original sin or self-defense but the bottom line is less than elegant. There is much killing in the world […]


Killer Robots and the Moral Threshold

By Mark Antony Rossi  A United Nations Commission has convened and is actively exploring the negative consequences of advanced warfare. The major thrust of this international scientific meeting revolves around the introduction of killer robots onto the modern day battlefield. The killer robots are anthropomorphic (something possessing human attributes) outfitted […]


Merit of Birth or Merit of Degree

By the Editor: Siddharth Sehgal  Say you are at a railway station, the train comes and after you have entered the coach, placed your bags securely under the berth and ready to travel towards your destination with the scenic views of window seat, there is a sudden announcement that your […]


The Solitary Old Man

The Solitary Old Man He sat by the beach, aged with years Lonely, bereft of love you could see The haggard dismayed look, lined furrowed cheeks  Sunken eyes half hid with once crowning lashes Eyebrows once busy and black, now silver lined Gaps in the hollow mouth toothless, receding Behind […]



By Mark Antony Rossi  A person does not have to be a cave dweller to be ignorant of the term “bioethics.” It is beginning to be bandied about with increasing frequency due to the fact that more books are being written on the subject and, of course, the ever expanding […]


Competition that Kills

By The Editor: Siddharth Sehgal  There is a reason we say competition should be healthy. Recently reports have been coming of students studying in Kota, IIT’s and other elite institutions committing suicides. Being an engineering aspirant myself I knew how hard the pressure could be. When they use to give […]