Man- A Complex Creature!

Man! A Human!

Oh yes, a weird being indeed!

A funny, crazy bundle of complexities he is!

A brain, he undoubtedly has but fails to understand him self,

And completely misunderstands others!

Stuffed with sharp accusations against others

How he abhors being blamed for anything!

Selflessly, he loves himself

But shuns and derides others,

Talks big but does little!

He struts and dances flaunting his feathers,

But alas, flees on perceiving danger

How stealthily he then crawls into his shell!

A cat and a mouse game

All through his life he plays,

Living in a fool’s paradise!

Blind arrogance governs his conscience,

So in his own world of dishonesty and corruption,

He lives and lolls

Lying to others as well as to his sweet self too!

He lives yearning for paradise

But paves his way to hell!

What a pathetic state of mind

Man lives proudly with!

He expects the sun to rise and shine upon him

But his vicious deeds cloud and darken it!

How very malicious, today life has become!

                                                                                  ~Anuradha S. Bannore

                                                                                     Vadodara, India


One Comment

  1. this is reality of life and gender difference
    true man is nothing without his better half though he pretends to be a muscle man lion in a sheep skin or better a donkey’s skin fit to bray