A Summer Evening

One summer evening a man sitting on the green

Gazed at the flowing waters of a river below

Flanked by lush trees

With arms interlocked they stood tall

An avenue in the wilderness it was-

Framing the far off green velveteen mountains

Down its height gushed milky water

Lost in its own rhythmical music

In the azure sky sailed the white clouds gently

Like so many furry animals

Swimming in the turquoise cool waters

Various silhouettes in the cottony clouds appeared

A pretty maid in a flare blue polka dotted dress

Bunny rabbits, swans, ducks

All looking ever so exquisite

Glided daintily across the blue sky

Before darkness swaddled the earth

A sudden blaze lit up the entire panorama

The setting sun rays through the clouds penetrated

Invoking one’s vivid imagination

A medley of shades attired the sky

A mere dot the man became!

Glued he sat mesmerized completely

Gaping at the incredibly awesome magnificence

The river caught the sun in its waters

Soon the mountains adorned the night shawl

The Moon’s gentle silvery light painted the earth

Spreading a cool feeling around

The man, he suddenly rose with a deep sigh

But a placid smile hovered on his lips

Reluctantly tearing himself away

Relaxed and refreshed he appeared

Contented with life

He hummed and whistled back home!

                                                                              ~ Anuradha S. Bannore

                                                                                 Vadodara, Gujarat, India

One Comment

  1. its nature unbounded beautiful, soft and lively
    pity man is ruing it in search of a mirage