Month: March 2016


Letter to Our Readers on 100th Issue

Dear Readers & Contributors,  With this issue Indian Periodical has reached its 100th week of publishing, a milestone and an achievement in itself considering the size of our team and journal. It’s not easy to come this far and many didn’t but with your trust and support on our side, […]


On Your Birthday Dear Ma

Your loving arms reach out to us Like a beacon, you steer us forth Whenever we falter or miss our step Your arms help us to cross the tide. Although you lie so weak and frail You are always in smiles to light our ship, And encourage us to cross […]


देखो ना

था  बहारों  का  वो  उन्वान, ख़ुशी  बन  के  आया  था मुझको  ही  ग़म  की  दास्ताँ  बना  गया , देखो ये   मेरे   दिल  की  जानिब   से   धुआँ  सा  उठता   है यहीं   कहीं   वो   मेरे   ख़त   जला   गया , देखो मेरा   पूरा   वजूद   जैसे    याद   बन   गया   उसकी वो   एक  लम्हे   में   […]



Sometimes the hips of our bodies do not agree. To each end of the bed we turn to face our hormones, that rise and fall, fall and rise, to our hopes and failures we encounter in dreams and visions. The early mornings arrive in time to salvage us from the […]


Mother of All Machines

By Mark Antony Rossi In this day of thinking machines humanity has gone from Mother Nature to Mother Board without catching our breath to consider what this incredible leap has done to our collective consciousness. I woke up last night from a nightmare where people were bending knee in a […]