Letter to Our Readers on 100th Issue

Dear Readers & Contributors,

 With this issue Indian Periodical has reached its 100th week of publishing, a milestone and an achievement in itself considering the size of our team and journal. It’s not easy to come this far and many didn’t but with your trust and support on our side, we will continue to reach such milestones in many years to come.

Some people measure success by money, some by twitter following and some by circulation. We have a different standard, we measure ourselves by providing platform to new voices. Voices that may not always agree, may not always be pleasant but voices none the less. This year we featured numerous poets and writers who were not of Indian origin. These diverse works enrich our effort, they add a meaning to what we do and above all it gives us a purpose to go on.

 We are a like a sapling that had just came out of its core into the sunlight and air. We will continue to grow, sometimes fast other times slow but growing with the flow. You are the nourishment of this tiny plant that will someday turn into a shade tree. Please accept our gratitude for this encouragement that you gave us by sending in your works. We are here because of you and we pledge to carry the torch ahead. Hands may change but flame will always be there.

 Yours Thankfully

Siddharth Sehgal

Editor, Indian Periodical


  1. Congrats to the entire team of Indian Periodical on your great achievement!

  2. hearty congratulations on the 100th Issue of Indian Periodical siddharthji., and for your support to emerging poets, writers, photographers and your winning team of young and energetic journalists for giving this wonderful platform to all interested to reveal their talents
    yes we pray that you may cross all barriers and that your young aspiring efforts may one day emerge victorious and grow into a sturdy oak tree with lovely flourishing green branches for amateurs to abide by its shady branches and for you to reach its zenith

  3. That is great! Congratulations to all the concerned and in particular the great Editor. I am happy with you that I am with you right from July 2016. Just another 900 issues we shall see the THOUSANDTH !