Kudos To The Indian Periodical

A babe in a cradle you were

But soon you grew

Flourishing with beautiful

Photos, articles, poems to name just a few

Pouring in from far and near

You provided a much needed platform to the

Upcoming, budding poets, photographers

A big train you became

For all who desired to traverse with you

Your station soon was a manifestation of-

Various fresh pure thoughts and ideas put forth

So very different from one another yet

Beaded in the same string!

How delightful it is

To have your very own place of recognition

Enhancing the enthusiasm of creativity!

The fact that your work is posted for others too

Is a thrilling experience!

So thank you very much ‘Indian Periodical’

A great stage you are for us.

With your hundredth issue

A milestone you have achieved

Though your journey has just begun

With a bang you shall soon climb

Great heights of success!

Team work in true spirit made it all happen

So congratulations to all of you

Especially to you, dear Editor

The backbone and pillar of the periodical!

                                                                 ~ Anuradha S. Bannore

                                                                   Vadodara, India

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