Afzal Guru, JNU and Commom Sense

By The Editor: Siddharth Sehgal

You can’t justify stupidity in name of freedom of expression. And in case of JNU certain student groups are trying to justify treason. This is equivalent to standing in the middle of Time square and pledging allegiance to ISIS and trust me NYPD will get into action before you complete your oath. JNUSU president Kanhaiya Kumar wanted to show case Afzal Guru who in his view was treated unfairly by India but why did he forgot the fact that Afzal Guru had blood of parliament attack on his hand. If that event was an intellectual theme than why anti-India slogans were raised?

 Should authorities wait until one of these miscreants plants a bomb in a public park or train? The point is not if someone can disagree or not but the point is you are preaching the same thing that Maulanas and Moulvis preach from their pulpits in support of jihad, this is what Naxalites use to expand their propaganda. Some academic institutions in the capital have become breeding ground for extremism and when police ask questions teachers, professors cry their breach of intellectual privileges. Did Hanumanthappa and his brothers in arms died for this? No wonder ex-serviceman threatened to return their JNU degrees.

 The most surprising is the reaction of parties like Congress and CPI, thought I am not sure if surprise is the right word to use. Take any anti Indian activity or element, they’ll be somehow linked. They’ll go to every extent to oppose the opposite party even if it means supporting a mass murderer. Now since this incident has come to light the subversive activities at JNU campus should also be investigated. Can these people look in the eyes of the families who lost their loved ones because of Afzal Guru? Some people protest against corruption, some take to streets to get their voice heard, some ask for justice, some for compensation, work, jobs etc. this is the cause these JNU students came up with?

 If you are so much concern about freedom of expression, try swearing at passing by people. Trust me it wouldn’t  take long before someone swing their fist at you. It was a cheap publicity stunt badly gone wrong. If Kanhaiya Kumar and company were looking for attention, they got more than they bargained for. There is no logic, no common sense or argument that can justify this stupidity. Yes, they might not have burnt the property, might not have brandished weapons or attacked someone but trust me in our country all it takes is few sparks to create a fire and sure these guys were providing the fuel.

One Comment

  1. freedom of expression is being taken too literally by students’ supported externally by political bums who are neither here nor there
    remember empty vessels make the most sound
    our so called honorable leaders are always there to raise hell and add fuel to fire
    the less educated the more troublesome just to eke out a place in the news and media that keeps grueling the public for no rhyme or reason
    instead of lending a helping hand towards nation building, the wolves keep attacking for ulterior motives