On Our Papa’s Passing Away

Day by day, he struggled

To keep himself alert

His health gave way gradually

He saw visions we did not see.

The brightness of the day receded

Far, far into the wild

He probably was aware

The sun would soon set, not rise

Darkness would cover the tide.

We held his hand to reassure him

He would soon be fine

But Time waits for no one

It stood there by his side

Each day he grew weaker

But strength of will survived

 The dark day was over

 We stood there by his side.

We held his hands in ours

To give him confidence

To let him feel we know his doubts

That flooded in his mind

Suddenly he freed his hands

He had no wish to be tied.

That night was too dark

The stars did not shine

The moon crept away to hide

 Behind the grey clouds divine

The shrill cry of the phone at night

Shrieked to announce

The dark night was too dark

Papa’s soul had reached God divine.

We love you papa each hour of the day

We miss you so much we cannot say

 Your smiling face

Your teasing ways

Your loving caresses we miss each day.

                                                                   ~Shobha Diwakar

                                                                   Jabalpur, India

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