Why Nirbhaya’s Rapist Should not Walk Free

By The Editor: Siddharth Sehgal

 Whoever wrote the law that juveniles convicted of rape should be released after three years might not have thought about the horrendousness of the crime committed by this convict in spotlight. Should we wait until he commits another heinous act or is it a law too to not follow common sense?

 Law is not simply there to be imposed on people. All rules and regulations, amendments should be revised and reviewed according to the changing dimensions of the society and time. The law is lenient on juveniles because we hope that their is still hope for them, to reform, to come back into the society but can anyone in right mind hope that after expressing his disdain with a grin for the deceased girl in the court, this remorseless monster who was let off after three years with 10,000 Rs/month in compensation and a sewing machine will be inspired to become a law abiding tailor. Give me a break.

 Another angle is of his radicalization inside the jail walls. There was a report that he befriended an inmate who was doing time on terror charges. What if this guy gets out and wage jihad by shooting people in an office like those San Bernardino attackers, would that be enough for authorities?  And if authorities are thinking that public anger will subside with time then they might be wrong in this assumption. All it takes is a report of rape or sexual assault to come in and all fingers will point towards center and courts for letting this guy go. The due process which is followed in this particular case is being perceived as an error in judgement. It’s not just me, people around the country are baffled that our justice system which is showing such diligence to follow every rule to the word in Nirbhaya’s case seems to take detour when it comes to the likes of Salman Khan and Vijay Mallya. How come Gandhi’s get to drive in with the whole party apparatus and get a bail within few minutes of hearing? Why is that ordinary Indians whose angst and voices disappears in files of babus and Magistrates places their last hope in the system that often leaves them to fate. Why some people are more equal than others in the eyes of law.

 There was no clause in the books of law in the earlier days for Sati Pratha but given the atrocities on women in that period of Indian history the law was amended to ban the practice of Sati.  There was a British law forbidding Indians to grow their own salt, a tiny, frail man named Mohandas broke the law with his Dandi march and forced the greatest empire on Earth to change its rule books. Their is a famous quote by an American president, Theodore Roosevelt, “The Constitution was made for the people and not the people for the Constitution.”. I hope the better sense prevails and the rapists release will be revoked for public interest.


  1. Sudha Dixit Thanks a lot Rose

    A very well written piece. Each word echoed my sentiment & anger. The authorities say ‘It’s too late now. Why didn’t we speak earlier.’ I know justice is blind but I didn’t know it’s deaf as well. For three years I have been writing on social media about the juvenile getting maximum punishment. I posted sarcastic texts & cartoons ridiculing those who pleaded humanity & kindness towards this monster (child). all those who read that ,not only appreciated, they also agreed with me. How can authorities ignore the public outcry ? A ll we know is that politicians are a selfish & insensitive lots. Excellent write up here Mr. Siddharth Sahgal.

  2. it is a pity that those who commit accidents and kill people/ loot the country’s money/ do not repay crores and crores of loans hoarded from the banks / swindle people and amass wealth/
    rape, murder innocent babes, girls, women are let off on flimsy basis of law loopholes , interpreted by so called learned attorneys of the country
    in many countries like UK if a crime committed by a juvenile is of adulthood he is tried like an adult in the court of law and put behind bars.
    it’s a shame that are judicial system is so tardy that it cannot punish a dirty juvenile of raping and murdering a young innocent girl in the prime of her life and carrier, in a grossly inhuman manner
    Shame, Shame, Shame