The Dear Departed

A  Tribute to Our Dear Father

on his Birthday 9th December.

Stealthily, he grew old

Everyone does.

But he was … our papa!

Always going in and out,

Always working

Always guiding

When did he grow old?

When did Time fly away?

Finally one day

He lay shattered.

Unable to walk,

Unable to hold himself

Unable to sit,

He, who was always fiercely independent,

Could no longer do anything by himself

He resented help.

Yet we failed to realize

He was wasting away

Our papa?

“No, it couldn’t be!”

“Had he really grown so… old?”

No! Impossible

It was beyond our imagination.

No one felt he would leave

If… if only the fact could be accepted

And it must

But… when you lose someone dear

The vacuum remains

Our mama’s weary eyes

Search for him everywhere…

She forgets he is no more

She loses herself in old memories

We just hold her hand in prayer

Her life mingled with his own

Remains boundless

We lost our papa

We must accept the loss

We must…

The emptiness round the house

Grows aged with every passing year

                                                                         ~Shobha Diwakar

                                                                           Jabalpur, India

One Comment

  1. It’s a beautiful tribute bringing dearest Papa alive through the poem. Yes old age is waiting for each one of us. It’s the law of nature what comes has to go one day. No one can win this battle.