Month: December 2015


If Only We Can Buy Justice

By The Editor: Siddharth Sehgal The Maharashtra High Court verdict that made Salman Khan a free man again only bolsters the belief of rich and powerful that their collars are beyond the reach of arms of justice. Yes, the cases are fought and won on evidence. Yes, public perception does […]



The old man begged, The young one cried, “Leave my father he has done nothing.” The police did not relent. Some ‘bought’ muscle men stood behind him. “We saw you rob, hit, duck and run.” “No it was not me,” The man begged, The young one wept and fell on […]



Autumn, the season of varied hues Enhances Nature’s beauty With the foliage adorned in beautiful shades Of red, orange, yellow But this same autumn Brought untold sorrow in our hearts Dwindling away the colours of happiness before our very eyes The medley of life lost its way in the maze […]



ग़र्चे   इस  दौर  से  भी  हँस  के  गुज़र  जायेंगे खाई  है  चोट, मगर  ठहरो,  सम्भल  जायेंगे आग  दिल  में रहे  और आँख  से पानी ना बहे हम  समंदर  हैं  समंदर  ही  नज़र  आयेंगे तुम तो इक ख्वाब हो, ताबीर हम समझ बैठे होते  हैं  हादसे,  इनसे  भी  उबर  जायेंगे तिश्नगी  […]


इक रुबाब सा

जो  ख्वाब  मुझे  तूने  दिया  है  सराब सा कैसे  बताऊँ  उसमें   नशा  है   शराब  सा चेहरे  की  बेरुखी  नज़रअंदाज़   के  देख आँखों में चमकता है जो, कुछ है, हिजाब सा मत  देख  मेरे  रुख  पे  ये  निशान उम्र   के दिल  में  है अभी तक वो पुराना हिजाब  सा दरिया सी […]


The Dear Departed

A  Tribute to Our Dear Father on his Birthday 9th December. Stealthily, he grew old Everyone does. But he was … our papa! Always going in and out, Always working Always guiding When did he grow old? When did Time fly away? Finally one day He lay shattered. Unable to […]


An Episode We Could do Without

By Ranjit K Sahu The secularism bug seems to have bitten a few selected individuals again and they are writhing in pain. Not that it has harmed them in anyway. On the contrary it has harmed the very social fabric they intend to protect from disintegration! The ruckus being created […]