Over Pollution & Over Flooding: Elements against Delhi and Chennai

By The Editor: Siddharth Sehgal

It’s an old disease of our so called “system”, we always react. Terrorist attack happens, we start investigation. Flooding occurs in cities, blame goes to planning. Air gets beyond breathing level, government comes up with even odd formula. Pressing the panic button shouldn’t be the only option when crisis hits.

 In Chennai, it’s only after buildings and colonies disappeared under the water, talks of land encroachment, dysfunctional drainage and haphazardly planned urban infrastructure started making rounds but this is not just Chennai, its every city in India from Mumbai to Raipur, the story is same everywhere. Even the IT sector that seemingly goes unfazed even during the times of disruption couldn’t escape the brunt of nature’s fury. DMK or AIDMK, politicians didn’t had any plans earlier, nor will they have any now. Did these politicians came on boats to help the Chennaiaites? No. It’s the courage and generosity and of ordinary folks, relief organizations, armed forces and NDRF that pulled people out of the deluge. People welcomed strangers in their homes, offered shelter and food just like it happened during the Mumbai rains few years back. It’s this concern for our fellow countrymen that comes out during the tough times, it goes beyond the boundaries of caste and language that separates us.

Now coming to New Delhi, suddenly after the High Courts gas chamber comment, Delhi government went into action mode. Few days later the even odd decree was issued to the public. How its going to work only god and the Delhi government knows but we know a thing or two about Delhi public transportation that runs up to the hilt of its capacity. Even on days when people are driving their own vehicles and given the huge number of vehicles that swarms the roads and back alleys of Delhi, how would the authorities keep running after even odd numbered vehicles during the alternate days. We hope they are not planning to stop people at checkpoints as they do for ticketing or for lack of better word ripping off drivers venturing without helmet. I am not saying Arvind Kejriwal is doing something wrong, something has to be done about the air that’s getting poisonous day after day but if they have decided to go down this road they better stick to it. Tweak the plan on the go if you have to but stick to the damn plan because their have to be a justification for 400% hike in salary.

 Every calamity presents with an opportunity to learn, to rebuild and reassess, all it takes is willingness.

One Comment

  1. the problem of this nation is that there are too many laws but few that are carried out diligently
    odd and even number cars running on certain days specified is ok but what if a muscle man’s son is caught there will b phones ringing in every police station and commissioner’s cell to call it off
    muscle , power, riches can alter discretion
    regarding chennai floods human beings will always remain human after all this is a country which binds all it is the country where the cry is ‘jiyo aur Jeene do” Live and let live
    it is the politicians who cause rift among people to grease their votes