Glorifying  Juvenile Ravanas

Yes, they are young

They are not yet eighteen

Their crimes are not serious.

They are kept in the reformation cell

For a couple of years;

They are innocent of the vicious crimes they commit.

They rape worse than animals.

Their libido never satisfied,

Compels them to exploit the chastity of innocents;

They do not spare even the newborns

The babes, the children, the teens;

The young and the old:

Shocking and dreadful,

They adopt terrifying means to destroy

The virgin beauty of the innocent,

Some compelled to give birth,

Some to abort in disgrace,

Some chucked out of homes,

 Some burnt and kidnapped

For ulterior ‘use’ at brothels,

Where the ‘ayyash’ hide their face from daylight;

Who come from every background?

Whether rich or poor,

It is a matter of bitter shame.

That these unlawful criminals

Who kill, murder, rape, ‘load’ and compel social stigma

 Upon innocent girls and families are let off scot free;

Men will be men.

Their animal instinct to rape and have fun

Destroys a human life;

These so- called leopards

Dressed in human skin

Are modern Ravanas of today?

The same Ravana who died centuries back;

Whose effigy is burnt every year with pomp and show?

To proudly proclaim the victory of good over evil

What sycophants are we?

Man’s morals, virtues, conscience is stone dead.

We celebrate others sorrows for pleasure

To boost up our own misdeeds;

 The assemblies frame laws instantly and pass them

To raise their own perks and benefits,

But when it comes to frame and pass laws in favor of women

Their manly ego is blind to the cause.

 Therefore, our lawmakers sleep over files that can

Punish these youngsters, so called juvenile ravanas

Who destroy a life?

Yet,when it comes to the culprits’ own self

They rave their life is in danger.

 Theydemand police protection,

Instantly provided by the ‘moral bound’ authorities

How can they let him, a ‘juvenile victim’ die?

Their ethical saintliness is at stake,

So all come to his rescue;

After all, though a juvenile, he is a man

 Therefore, he has to be saved, let loose

To commit more heinous rapes,

After all HE IS A MAN.

He is no longer a criminal, but a ‘poor boy’

Put in juvenile custody for no fault of his

His only crime was his vicious sexuality

That is not a crime?

Where does their conscience disappear?

When they rape innocents and murder them brutally

Nirbhaya has died without getting justice

This juvenile murdered her brutally

Raped her hideously; murdered her.

Yet, the law is helpless…

It cannot do anything …


He can commit a horrendous crime.

He has the license,


His shameful act will go down in the annals of history

Young, so- called juveniles are still committing rapes and murders

But are guaranteed they will not suffer punishment

Some politicians applaud their dirty ways

 As innocent crimes

Committed in a fit of youthful indiscreet rashness;

Alas! if only such men had a moral conscience

They would not talk so

Nirbhaya do not worry

Your sacrifice will not drown in vain

There is still Time for Poetic Justice.

                                                                                    ~Shobha Diwakar  

                                                                                Jabalpur, India

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