We are travelers

Oh, yes we are.

Travelling from one end of the world

To another

Now here, now there,

Life continues unending

This world to another

Where does it lead?

We remain unaware.

The grass growing reminds us

There is life

You pluck it you throw it

It shoots up again…

Life and death are intermingled

Surrounding space beyond our reach

Think awhile “is this the mystery of life?”

Scientists reveal so many secrets of this universe

But can they reveal this secret of life?

Perhaps in the days to come

They might discover an answer.

There are stories of people

Pulled back from this remote world

Whose experiences of the other world

Beyond our imagination baffles the mind:

We trudge along the beaten tracks of life

Cutting, paving the lanes

Meandering here, there, everywhere

Looking, searching, expecting, inhaling

Or trying to inhale the decaying perfumes of peace

Washed away by the winds of nasty differences;

Drawing lines and boundaries,

We forget we are a human race

Sent upon earth to fulfill God’s plan

To live in peace and gratitude

For this beautiful life on earth:

To plume it with rainbow colors

And spread gleeful wings

Like the peacock adorned

With beauty and grace;

To swirl in the waters like the swan

Graceful and majestic

Holding our heads high:

The oceans and rivers know no boundaries

They mingle and flow as a whole

Can you differentiate?

Which water comes from where?

It is crystal clear

Though packaged differently,

All muddy water comes from puddles

It is processed before put to use

Human life is ‘salt less’ without salt

Mingled with sugar and honey it is palatable;

As travelers upon this planet

With man- made boundaries

We surrender our heart and soul

To discords

Destroying relationships

Our free flowing thoughts

Bounce us back and forth

Like a drowning ship at sea

Caught in a whirlpool

Struggling for survival

                              ~Shobha Diwakar

                               Jabalpur, India


  1. life is short ,resolve differences before the branch is cut off and there is no time to lament
    an important message

  2. It’s a beautiful poem based on the idea of ‘ To Live & Let Live’ Theoretically all will agree that that’s what God had in His mind but in practical life we don’t believe in following it. Let’s hope we will be able to change all this for the future generation but it’s a Herculean task which requires total commitment of each & every individual living in this world