How terribly baneful life has become

With people screaming, struggling, slogging for survival,

Cursing themselves for being born

In this world of infinite encumbrances and anxiety!

Afflicted with the same malady

She needed some repose away from this constricted life,

So right to the top of a hillock she climbed.

Exhausted to the core

She sat down on the green with a deep sigh!

Glancing around, she perceived nothing but

A wide expanse of Nature’s glory,

A gentle sigh of relief and satisfaction

With the sweetest smile was let out!

Her whole face lit up with ecstasy

Amazed by the awesome beauty of

The trees dancing cheerfully

Showing off their lush green foliage,

A medley of colourful birds and-

Insects flitting about joyfully,

The monkeys, some with their little ones clinging to their moms

Put on a show of acrobatic tricks,

While many other animals were either grazing,

Relaxing or playfully nudging at each other!

It was more than a royal feast for the eyes!

It was the harbinger of endless spiritual exhilaration!

The tranquility along with the gentle, cool breeze

The pure fresh jubilant environment all around

Brought indescribable solace to her aching soul!

It is God’s benefaction to us, she thought,

This is what we humans need,

And this is what we should strive for wholeheartedly

It’ll give more joy than any materialistic gain will ever do

Nature is a massive warehouse of spiritualistic ecstasy

For us to explore and rejoice in!

                                                         ~Anu Bannore

                                                             Vadodara, India

One Comment

  1. A beautiful message
    hope people will stop exploiting nature and chopping it down for no rhyme or reason but to satiate man’s ego and material gains