Month: September 2015



तुम  सामने  नहीं तो  तरसती  हैं निगाहें और अजनबी सा देख कसकती  हैं निगाहें फूलों में तुम मिलो तो महकती हैं निगाहें शबनम के जाम पी के बहकती हैं निगाहें तुम रु-ब-रु तो तुम पे अटकती हैं निगाहें वरना  कहाँ कहाँ  पे  भटकती  हैं निगाहें चाहत की चाँदनी में चहकती  […]


Meat Ban: Food Policing of Governments

By The Editor: Siddharth Sehgal Young children if you have observed will do exactly the same thing you tell them not to do. Parents often find it very difficult to disciple their kids, they might hush up out of fear for a while but sooner or later the rebellious nature […]


Paradox of Reservation

By Sudha Dixit Emperor Akbar once was presented with a puzzle. A simple straight line was drawn on a paper. The king was asked to shorten the line without using eraser or any other physical contact. Every one present was flummoxed. The one and only face saver in his court […]



It is raining Street children are playing outside Enjoying the showers to ease the itchy heat Suddenly it pelts down Torrential rain follows All eyes turn to heaven “Is it going to continue?” Soon a family of four trudges, up the road Hand in hand They are dressed scantily And […]


A Requiem

A charming elegant angel she was Forever smiling and chirping Her face glowed with happiness With a graceful gait she walked Carrying boundless joy with her Many a sad faces Into smiles she turned! All living beings were Creatures to be loved and cared for. Loss of any life brought […]