It is raining

Street children are playing outside

Enjoying the showers to ease the itchy heat

Suddenly it pelts down

Torrential rain follows

All eyes turn to heaven

“Is it going to continue?”

Soon a family of four trudges, up the road

Hand in hand

They are dressed scantily

And carry their barest belongings

They seem to have not a care in the world

They are poor

A question mark lines their faces

Their thatched home

 Their temporary tent abode

Lined with rotten dried leaves

Is toppled down by the now furious rain

Flattened they have no place for shelter

Anger raining from the heavens

The dark threatening clouds

Roar and thunder throwing lightning

As if illuminating their path

They trudge along silently

Ghost like shadows following them steadily

Yet they remain undismayed

A smile lines the corner of their lips

They are together

What more can God snatch from them?

Their steady stride conquers their fear of tomorrow

Their linked hands hold them together

There is faith in God

 There is hope

That will sustain their life…

                                 ~Shobha Diwakar

                                  Jabalpur, India

One Comment

  1. Very beautifully you have depicted a rainy day & it’s terrible effect on a poor man & his family. It’s shows their love too & the joy of being together although they have lost everything. Keep it up!