Silver Lining

The silver- lining disappeared last night

As I sat and watched outside the window

The bars trembled I was surprised

How could iron be that poor?

Everything you buy outside

Is no longer good to bite

For you never know what there is inside!

The green dotted stuff they say is veggie

Lately I have learned the E code relates

The hidden stuff… inside

What it is you never know

Dressed smartly they take you for a ride

For many use ‘it’ to lure your taste

 So fill animal fat… inside

The net is full of codes and codes

Un- coded for you to see

How the public is taken for a ride

For they have no eyes to see

The clouds do have a silver- lining

If you have eyes to see

So check what you eat and then decide

 Before they take you for a ride

                                              ~Shobha Diwakar

                                               Jabalpur, India

One Comment

  1. It’s a beautiful eye opener. You have described in a very honest manner without mincing words how people are being fooled by appearance of stuff. What it appears to be it isn’t really so. It’s just an eye wash. Your way of presenting this fact is appreciable.