Month: July 2015


A Song Unto the Ages

The silence of white roses with deaf petals beneath a muted sun holds the music’s place in a steady embrace while the implosive force of entropy passes by in an instant’s blink, and then rhythm is reborn as melody blooms anew toward a colorful fruition of infinite solar expansion that […]


The Law Of Life And Death

Life is a tenant on this earth! It has to vacate it The moment it’s lease expires! No one can over stay, It’s the unfailing law of nature, All wrapped up in an unsolved mystery. But is it fair?  Is there an escape from its clutches? The lucky ones Give […]


अजीब सच

क़ैद करतीं हैं बिना ज़ंजीर के पाबंदियाँ हम जहाँ हैं, बे – दर – ओ – दीवार है, फिर भी क़फ़स है कोई दरवाज़ा नहीं, खिड़की नहीं, तीली नहीं, क्या  कहें  तुमसे  हमारी  क़ैद   का  मंज़र  अजब  है कुछ तो हैं मजबूरियां, कुछ मुश्किलें, समझाएं क्या ठीक है सब ज़िंदगी […]


The Spider

The little spider That builds its web of silk Is a smart politician That weaves invisible traps for Simple  proletariats To walk into its parlor And lie wrapped to be preyed. I saw it cling on two opposite poles Silky, soft and shiny,  Spreading a silver glow in the sunlight […]


Aam Netas, VIP Attitude

By The Editor: Siddharth Sehgal Imagine the ego boost you’d have if you have the power to delay a whole flight and keep the passengers waiting to reach their destination, don’t mind the inconvenience. Imagine if you can make babu’s, peons or any other government employee far below your rank […]