A Tribute to Rocco

As a baby you came to a house

Soon a home it became for you.

You were so very sweet and loving

That people were drawn to you.

Your twinkling shining eyes spoke a world about you!

You scampered all over the house

With everyone running after you, but-

You managed to give them a slip!

A sweet and lively toy for the family you were

What more could a person ask for!

Gradually you became big and handsome too!

You were always friendly,

You never harmed anyone.

Though I never allowed you to come near me

Yet you always extended your hand of friendship towards me.

It’s not that I didn’t admire you, but

Somehow I had to keep you away.

Your brown shiny coat was beautiful.

Your joy of welcoming with your tail wagging

Was a pleasure but

Your jumping and licking

I’m extremely sorry to say I couldn’t take!

For fifteen years you lived with

A very loving and a caring family

You grew old and sick

Arthritis bothered you

But Aai- Baba, in fact the entire family

Gave you the best medical treatment possible.

Aai fed you with her hands for you were a family.

You showed your love and gratitude

By listening to her words though miles away she was

While you were in Baba’s hands

You raised your head on hearing her voice

And then being satisfied you bid her good bye

Before putting your head down

And taking your leave from this world forever.

All who knew you will miss you terribly

But most of all your loving family will!

May your soul rest in peace

Ohm Shanti! Ohm Shanti! Ohm Shanti!

                                               ~Anu Bannore

                                                Vadodara, India


 Note: In Marathi Aai means Mother & Baba means Father

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  1. a well written touching tribute for a pet
    faithful, loving devoted always caring , always loving a man’s best friend