The Mahabharata of Signatures, Documents and Pointing Fingers

By The Editor: Siddharth Sehgal

It’s an irony that Bhisma faces in Mahabharata, he didn’t approve the actions of Duryodhana nor has any desire to fight for him but his half heartedness was noting in front of the oath that bounded him to the Hastinapur’s throne. He had to take side, the wrong side and he knew very well that all his strength, weapons and boon of wishful death cannot avert what was to come in the war but he did his duty nonetheless, he did what was his dharma.

 The in-house Mahabharata of BJP presents that same irony to party and Prime Minister, they cannot abandon one of their own but don’t have any excuse to defend them. Before any one jumps to conclusion of drawing parallels between Duryodhana and BJP politicians in question, I’d like to clarify that’s not the case here, the point is if ruling party would continue to defend Swaraj and Raje, especially in Raje’s case where she had allegedly admitted to signing the papers makes BJP’s position untenable of zero compromise on clean & transparent governance.

 The most amazing thing is that both parties BJP and Congress are playing into hands of Lalit Modi who is creating all the political ‘Hulla-Gulla’ by his tweets and revelations, teasing authorities from a distance. None of this would have happened if both Raje and Swaraj had stepped aside and came out clear that what they did was out of friendship but boy, this Lalit Modi knows how to repay his friends. No wonder he is doing his own public extortion by revealing details of his helping hands. But another big surprise is that neither UPA nor BJP government issued a blue corner notice to get him back to India for questioning. People need answers, trailers won’t do the whole movie and star cast needs to be released. It wouldn’t be surprising if all the uproar dies down after some time, all BJP has to do is stand its ground and let the storm pass away.

 Smriti Irani, Vinod Tawde and Pankaja Munde were also named in different controversies, which party is trying to defend and dodge at the same time. What will happen to these leaders is the thing of the future but no ones head seems to be rolling right now. If you ask ordinary folks, most of them would shrug off the topic saying that they all are the same, congress or BJP. That’s where the problem lies, the missing accountability part, it could be that all those names in media gets a clean chit but what about setting a precedent. They can take up on themselves to protect their name and choose to step down with dignity. A leader who owns his action and accepts his mistake is preferable to one who remains silent and fans the rumors.

 PM is tactically silent on the matter but for how long, it’s not a reflection on his leadership but a moment might come where he has to step in to put the house in order, sooner would be better.


  1. Sudha Dixit Thanks a lot Rose

    Very well written article Siddharth Sahgal. Absolutely to the point.

    Sudha Dixit

  2. politics is a vibrant, versatile game of football; who throws the ball in whose court to win the goal and the game takes priority over righteousness : gaming and framing are 2 sides of the same coin .A healthy spirit is no longer the art of living; covetousness is the right of the rulers who play hand in glove. Who wishes to step down from lucrative positions where butter and cream are so freely available?