They live amongst us as good citizens

Respected by all who hail in society

They labor, they work, they toil they moil?

Don’t worry they never smile.

Beneath their dry skin rests a spy

Waiting to molest a child

Their cherry face, their twinkling eyes

Arrests the attention of a passer-by

But hush, you have not got it right

They sneak behind to save their hide

These voluptuous men their intentions wild

Hanker after wishes blind

Their sex starved menial mind runs wild

When ill-supported by their liquored mind

They, live today, tomorrow they die;

Unhealthy men, unhealthy mind

You know not what goes on in their dirty mind

Foul and filthy their day begins

To catch innocent victims their run begins

Beware of fiends that drape themselves

In flowery tongue and cheesy ways

To captivate they come your way

Disguised in forms you cannot sway

Be wise and slow your lonesome stride

Don’t get swayed by passers by

You never know who they are

Save your emotions until you are sure

Think awhile before you leap

Into unknown trenches deep

                                                           ~Shobha Diwakar

                                                             Jabalpur, India

One Comment

  1. Beautiful poem befitting today’s world.
    Hope it awakens humanism & consciousness in the filthy minded people.