Trauma of Tremors

In the lap of lush green Himalayas

Lost in the zephyr of nature’s sagas

The souls were deep absorbed in a world of dreams

Suddenly It awakened them with a horrid scream

Faces questioned each other in a hope of gleam

Amidst the dilemma,lives started to shatter

Tremors shook their world and began to scatter

The wails of people in a seamless measure

The castle of hopes took a second to splitter

That which was formed to create a better future.

Tremors shook and tore them apart

Cries, sobs, wails piercing the heart

Calling us incessantly for a humane gesture

Join the hands to reignite the lives

For this is the clarion call of mother nature

                                                       ~Pallavi Sharma

                                                            Dehradun, India

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