There and Back Again: A Film Star’s Guide to Justice

By The Editor

13 long years it took for courts to decide the fate of the most profitable name in Bollywood, two hours to grant him bail and another two days to suspend the sentence all together, so that it can begin all over again.  It was meant to show that there is still something as equal under the law but thanks to the loopholes and some highly skilled defense lawyers, the punishment is gone until the next appeal. It’s that wow moment that brings out the stark reality between those at the higher up and us lot at the bottom. Just few days ago people and media were discussing the term of five years in terms of harshness or softness, what it will be like in jail, if he will spend time with hardened prisoners or more white collar types but thanks to few legal bylaws and clauses people are asking, “What the hell happened here?”.

Whether its Jessica Lal murder case or 1999 Delhi BMW hit and run incident, those with power always get away in our country. In this particular superstar’s case, a play back singer in one of his over zealous show of support took to twitter to blame the victim for being the victim. In this singer’s view the ones sleeping on pavements are dogs and the ones driving drunk should go Scot-free. He came more as a sycophant than a genuine supporter but it just gives a glimpse of mentality prevalent in the film industry of looking down upon us commoners. Though there are people in politics and other high places who get away with much-much more but at least for leveling the playing field, for those seeking justice, court should have thought twice on suspension, it sends a wider message about confidence in our legal system which many people would find shaken in light of events like these.  There should be some hope, some opening that before the law where a common man’s rights holds equal value as an uncommon celebrity’s privileges.

Rule changes if the accused is one of the glitterati or politicos. Lalu Yadav lived comfortably in jail, Satyam’s Ramlinga Raju fared far better and actor Sanjay Dutt takes vacation from jail to attend parties. Those seeking justice might not have the high profile barristers at their disposal and this thirteen year drag that is clearly likely to continue, might and most possibly, will break all their hopes of ever getting justice. There is no knowing where this will end but we should not become a nation where people can buy justice at their convenience.


  1. thank you for this article. law and justice have been well defined but yes commoners are commoners; where do they have pots of money to offer / hire mighty lawyers who can dig out loopholes? bless our lawyers for that: life for the poor is no better, even dogs living in luxurious homes of the rich are better off than the poor on the street; when they pass off they are mourned but not the poor who are ruthlessly killed for the crime of sleeping on the street.
    the latest , jaya granted freedom; she has not committed any scam!!!!

  2. Remember “Sri Lal Shukl-RAAG DARBARI”. It is on the same line.