The Earth Quaked

News traveled across the world

Swifter than a supersonic jet

The earth had quaked revengefully

Crushing, toppling burying the dead

Alive a while back, now submerged under the rubble

The shrieks, the cries, the desperate wails

Buried under the ruthless sky

The young, the old, the youthful buds,

Babes in arms, those unborn

Trampled, crushed, swirled and hurled

Under the mound of rolling dust

The bricks, the mortar, restlessly drowned

The cries, the wails that shrieked around

The houses shattered, the temples crawled

The towers toppled without a crown

The mighty Himalayas, the Everest shrieked

Don’t dig me up… it’s not a treat

The lonely trees, the depleted wild

The agony of the deceased cried

Don’t stalk me off, don’t saw me too

I sustain you all … don’t you see?

Now watch the ruin He has brought

                       Wake up before Time is lost.

                                                     ~Shobha Diwakar 

                                                        Jabalpur, India

One Comment

  1. Its a beautiful poem portraying the reality of unthoughtful development that we humans have undertaken. You have painted the reality of destruction &suffering very well. Lets hope we will now respect Nature more than we have done in the past.