The Deluge

Sing, sing your happy song

And let the bells tong

For here comes the rain

Making green our plains!

Drip! Drip! The silvery drops come down

Sheathing the earth with a cool wet blanket!

Happily, the poor farmer gazed at his field-

Thinking of only his loving wife and kids!

The joy of giving them two meals

Brightened and raised his spirit!

Enthusiastically, he persevered day and night

Till a cloudburst brought

A monstrous storm in his life!

The incessant rains were a raging fire

Inundating, destroying and engulfing everything viciously.

The cattle, the goats, the trees, the fields

All were swallowed up by the tempestuous waters!

Soon a ravenous wave gulped the poor farmer’s hut

Shattering all his dreams into floods of tears.

Helplessly immobilized,

Blankly he glared at his fate.

In frustration to God he called out


His voice drowned in the tumult all around!

Scared to death the kids screamed out for help

Looking expectantly at him


Muted by the wrath of Nature all around,

Stared piteously at them being carried away!

With blinding tears rolling down his eyes

He wondered, what his fault was

That they should suffer so!

Despondently, he questioned himself and God

As the gluttonous waters circumscribed and carried

Him  along with his precious ones

On an endless voyage

To a land of infinite peace!

                                              ~Anu Bannore

                                                    Vadodara, India


  1. excellent… very well written…

  2. life teaches bitter lessons. the wrath of nature knows no bounds man is trapped in his destiny.
    A beautiful observation well defined
    when will man learn to curb the destruction of nature?