Dreamt there stood an angel bright

Outside my room, the other night

He looked so sorrowful, so meek, so calm

I wondered what was really wrong

I spoke to him in a comforting voice

It made him start and heave a sigh

“You mortals are surely very unkind

To use this earth and plunder it wild

God is in Heaven, don’t you know

Tomorrow you will have to go

What will you answer Him, opine

When he asks you to define

Your life on earth when you were alive?”

I shrugged my shoulders, my head bowed down

No answer had I to opine

I sat up straight to think aloud

“What man had done to this good earth?

To bring a sorrowful angel on earth”

                                                       ~Shobha Diwakar

                                                           Jabalpur, India

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