Knotty Heads

Knots, and knots and knots

There are knots every where

Life is not a bed of roses

Thorns crown it everywhere

The humming bees sing a tune

And glue themselves everywhere

The ears are wild sometimes mild

When the singing sirens raise the air:

Life is shelved like a honeycomb

Each cell is not apart

Glued and stressed it opens up

The wounds of the past

The pricking thorns are there to remind

That… all that glitters is not gold

The honey bee that gives you honey

Is a bitter fiend you know?

                                    ~Shobha Diwakar

                                      Jabalpur, India


  1. Its the most appropriate description of today’s life & relationship. There’s a lot of bitterness coated with sugar & honey throwing one in total confusion for there’s a very thin line of demarcation between who is genuine & who is an imposter clothed in sweetness. Many people thus get trapped by sweet talks which can rain disaster & distress that then reign their life!

  2. life’s reality captured in a magnifying glass