The Cunning Fox

In a forest nearby

Beside a river that flowed

A haunt of the fox slowly brewed

One day a lonesome traveler took rest

Under the tree that was tired and… dead?

The branches drooped the leaves outgrown

A soft couch it made for the traveler to swoon

Tired and lonesome he soon fell asleep…

A fox by the river registered the spot

The tired and lonely man, was then caught

What a feast he could have the fox now thought…

Just then, the man awoke from his swoon

“What, did I hear something?” He spoke aloud

The fox seemed to guess the same

He jumped up to resume the game

The man and the fox tore each other down

The fox then settled for the crown…

Good gentlemen good ladies too

Beware of foxes that surround you too.

                                                                           ~Shobha Diwakar

                                                                            Jabalpur, India

One Comment

  1. A very well written poem with a great message. It befits the current time where some won’t hesitate even for a second to destroy you for their greed & selfish motives. No doubt there are many good people but sugar coated bitterness can’t be ignored. Many such people draped in sweetness with their well hidden cunning intentions can prove to be the end of our meaningful life.