The cozy mist reposing on the

Slumbering leaves

Shakes them out of their stupor;

The parched wind

Sucks the fading drops

Blending with gaiety

 As the grasshoppers hop around

Tasting the grassy seeds moist and cool

Hush! It’s yet not warm

The sun is reluctant to shine

Through the hazy mist:

Somewhere the crickets sing

 Melting the moments

The chirpy birds greet the sound

And gently flap their wings

To greet the rising glory of the sun

Cows low in the shed while the sheep bleat;

 The glistening fields bow down

To the morning radiance;

Hastily the farmers stride out

Nature all around

Sings happily to the windy tune

Capturing the essence of the day…

                                                            ~Shobha Diwakar

                                                               Jabalpur, India

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