The Bloated Neighbor

They lived across the road

But did not see eye to eye

The rugged look they gave to others

Seemed they were there to ‘eye’

They conquered half the colony

In which they did reside

By any means, the lands were theirs

This is what they decide

They built a garage to park their cars

Soon they rented the site

Then parked their cars outside

Not only by their side, but also opposite my site

Yet snorted every time some guy

Parked beside their site

The house was theirs the land beside

The road was theirs besides

Till someone yelled and told them to

Park their cars inside

A quarrel brew, the cops were called

To put an end to the strife

Still waters run deep

As you have heard

Just waiting for high tide.

                                                            ~Shobha Diwakar

                                                                Jabalpur, India

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